Otillo Scilly Isles, 2018

SHORT REPORTraceMap-OTILLO-Swimrun-IslesOfScilly-2018
5:31:28 – 18th Male Pair, 25th Overall
~8k swim, 30k run

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Otillo Scilly Isles Sprint, 2018

2:35:39 – 6th Mixed Pair, 11th OverallraceMap-OTILLO-Sprint-IslesOfScilly-2018
~ 3.2k swim, 12.5k run Continue reading

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Banister Training Impulse Equation

Banister Impulse Model
Following establishing some formulas for replacing TSS I wanted to see why the decay parameters were chosen as 42 and 7 and why these numbers were considered to have a unit of days. I could never see what 42 days represented and hence my establishing a half life equivalent which seemed to have more meaning.

The modelling of Training Stress over time comes from Banister’s Training Impulse Model (reference required) which is:
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Training Stress Balance Formulas


This is the commonly used method for modelling your fitness and fatigue. It works on the basis that your current fitness is the total of all training done to date with a decay factor to reflect that the impact of a session on current fitness decays with time. Similarly your fatigue is impacted by all training done with a decay factor applied. Training Stress Balance (or form) is just the difference between them. Continue reading

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Otillo Hvar – Full Distance

Short ReportIMG_0736
7:08:11 – 46th Overall, 32nd Mens

Long Report
A little bit of background to this year so far will help put this race in context. I’d entered both races on the assumption that I’m normally very fit at this time of year. This would be particularly the case this year as I’d entered London Marathon so I’d have done a lot of running and then the race was only a couple of weeks after our EverydayTraining Lanzarote Camp. However this ended up being far from the truth. Continue reading

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Otillo Hvar – Sprint

Short ReportHVarSprint
2:21:11 – 6th Mixed, 16th overall.

Long Report
At the race breifing a couple of hours before the start we were told that tow lines would not be allowed until the second swim as everyone would be too close and would get tangled up. This certainly helped Rachel lighten the load before the race as she told me she was now “bricking herself”. On the walk back to get ready we agreed that she should just hold my ankle with one hand and swim one handed. Continue reading

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Eddington Numbers – A little history

My Eddington number calculation started out in 2008 within my spreadsheet based training diary. The only realistic way to do it then was to have a list of the numbers I was tracking and a cell that calculated how many days I’d exceeded the number. It didn’t take much to calculate each number manually and from there the cell would be flagged if it was no longer the number. When only tracking basic numbers (e.g. miles for each of bike and run) this is not too cumbersome an approach. Continue reading

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Breca Jersey Sprint 2017

SHORT REPORT21552068_1937042323205101_8594670984463568077_o.jpg

3:47:59 – 1st Mixed Pair, 4th overall
~ 14.5k run, 6.5k swim

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Cent Cols – Day 10


118km, 5:47:17, 3,129m ascent, 4 cols, 100 done !!

We didn’t wake to rain but we did to low cloud. It was very nice weather to ride in as it was a little cold and a very slight drizzle as we rode as a nice calm group up the Hourquette d’Anzican. Like all of todays route I’ve ridden it numerous times and though we climbed 700m in about 17km it never quite feels like a climb. The 10 of us rode at a very comfortable pace two up rising in to the cloud. Ian was at the top with the sun almost coming through.

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Cent Cols – Day 9


99km, 4:59:55, 3,163m ascent, 5 cols, 96 total

Ian and Julie had to leave early as the Col D’Aubisque was closed from 8am. We had to drop bags by 6:40am and they were off by 6:50. The rest of us had breakfast at 7:15 and even though it was a shorter day we had nothing better to do than get going.

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